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Kontaktieren Sie uns +49 2402 127505 111

More than 30 Years of Experience as a Successful Service Provider

Coloradostraße 7
27580 Bremerhaven – Germany
CONTACT Frank Ambos
PHONE +49 6241 860315
ROBUR ENERGY is part of ROBUR, an industrial service provider with more than 3,000 colleagues. With more than 30 years of experience as a successful service provider and about 250 employees we support nuclear power plants, nuclear facilities and manufacturing firms as well as research installations and industrial clients. Experienced, specialized teams for maintenance, inspection, decommissioning and waste management, as well as our well-established proprietary EAM software (incl. operations management/waste tracking systems for NPPs) ensure successful projects. Our NPP services include:
Post-operation & dismantling
  • Decontamination, gutting and demolition of components and buildings/NPP as well as entire sites (“greenfield”)
  • Removal and decommissioning of highly contaminated systems, machines and buildings using state-of-the-art equipment and remote-controlled appliances
  • Cross-departmental decommissioning projects
  • Operating residual material processing centers and waste treatment facilities
  • Provision of specialist personnel to support post-operation and decommissio-ning as well as decontamination and waste management
Handling and conditioning
  • Disassembly and sorting of contaminated waste with consideration to nuclide vectors and acceptance criteria
  • Assessment and radiological characteriza-tion of historical waste according to waste disposal legislation
  • Conditioning and waste package production for the final repository, incl. disposal documentation
  • Planning/implementation of waste treat-ment systems, special machines, remote controlled systems
Site cleanup & greenfield solutions
  • Disposal planning for waste material eligible for clearance
  • Complete solutions for the operation of waste management facilities
  • Disposal/handling solutions for (TE)-NORM waste
  • Clean up of hazardous waste from industrial sites
Our licenses & certifications
  • Permission in accordance with Section 25 StrlSchG
  • DIN ISO 45001 & SCCP/SCC**/SCP
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 & KTA 1401
  • Handling agent for hazardous waste (KrWG)
  • Asbestos and man-made fiber removal, work in contaminated areas


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