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     ICOND 2015

     November, 17th - 19th 2015

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      Strategies for Nuclear Decommissioning  

      and the Disposal of Radioactive Waste  

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The closure and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, particularly power reactors, pose high demands regarding planning and authorization to all parties involved. In the ongoing decade several nuclear power plants will be shut down due to their operating life and political decisions, not only in Europe but also worldwide. With regard to these circumstances there is a need for optimized decommissioning strategies, which have to be well coordinated among all participants.

The focus of this conference is set on the legal parameters in Germany. It also compares the degree of the decommissioning task with other countries e.g. Finland. Apart from authorization and financial planning, change management plays an important role in the transition period from nuclear power plant to decommissioning project. The disposal of radioactive waste, which will be decisive for future decommissioning projects, is another topic that will be covered at the conference. 


The conference addresses to operators of nuclear plants and to companies who are working on the planning, implementation and supervision of decommissioning projects. On the same level authorities and technical experts who are concerned with the approval and supervision procedure of decommissioning projects are involved. Furthermore we adress research institutions, which are responsible for the dismantling of research reactors and it´s radioactive hazardous waste. The conference should enable its participants to discuss the challenges of the decommissioning of nuclear plants in a practical way and to define optimal planning variants for the implementation.


Andreas Mann 

Economic Mediator

The conference will be moderated by Andreas Mann. Before working as a television moderator for the MDR (e.g. “Sachsen-Anhalt heute”), he worked for Radio PSR. He is especially interested in controversial socio-political topics as the disposal of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. As an economic mediator he is professionally trained to communicate between the different parties, e.g. the public and the industry.